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About me

I am Nurşan Askan. I bring my 30 years experience in designing and sewing dresses into the tango mode. I started to create tango mode up on advice of my brother who dances Argentine Tango. I have loved very much the idea and I have been enjoying a lot in designing tango mode.


I select the most beautiful, top quality  and best price fabrics from old bazaars in Istanbul. In my designs I always target to find a divine trade-off among aesthetic, comfort, simplicity and extra-ordinariness. All my designs are also target to be used in daily life and special events.

The name FISTANA is coming from the following combinations:

Fistan means a dress in Kurdish language. Also, the letter F represents female, IST stands for Istanbul. TAN stands for Tango. The letter A at the end is just to intensify more femininity. 


I generate fashion for life!

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